Fixed and Collapsible Window Security Grilles and Guards in Belfast

Windows and glazing can give burglars easy access to your property and can be damaged easily by vandals. At Pressford Shutters & Shopfronts, our fixed and collapsible window security grilles and guards can help you protect your property. Contact our team in Belfast for more information.

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Secure Your Property Properly

Improve the quality of your security and get total peace of mind with our fixed and collapsible window security grilles and guards.

Windows are the most common point of entry for burglars and one of the most vulnerable parts of your property. As the sound of breaking glass is not always heard by passers-by or neighbours, Pressford Shutters & Shopfronts highly recommends that you install some form of window security in your home or business. Talk to our experts today for professional advice and find the best option for your premises.

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Cost Effective Security Solutions

Collapsible grilles and window grilles are effective security solutions for both residential and commercial properties. Their innovative design prevents quick, smash-and-grab style crimes and can be stored out of sight when not in use. At Pressford’s, our window grilles are easy to operate, low maintenance and are available in a wide range of finishes.

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SWS UK Authorised Dealer

Pressford Shutters & Shopfronts can supply you with the very best fixed and collapsible window security grilles and guards on the market. We are an authorised distributor for SWS UK, the leading manufacturer of window security grilles in the UK and Ireland.

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