Automatic doors in Northern Ireland

Advantages of Automatic Doors During Summer Months

In today’s tough economic landscape, business owners are continuously exploring ways to improve the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of their operations. One approach to achieve this is by installing automatic doors in Northern Ireland, which provide benefits not only during the winter but also throughout the warmer seasons.

As the summer approaches, it is essential for business owners to get ready for the upcoming increase in activity. A recent study involving 1,000 UK adults indicated that an impressive 84% plan to opt for a staycation this summer. This choice is primarily driven by financial constraints, as 56% of the respondents stated that their financial status led them to cancel plans for an overseas trip.

This increase in domestic tourism is anticipated to attract more visitors to different cities and towns across the UK, resulting in higher foot traffic for local businesses such as shops, restaurants, and tourist attractions. Installing automatic doors in Northern Ireland allows business owners to improve the customer experience, reduce energy costs, and enhance overall efficiency.

Peak Summer Traffic in Retail Outlets

Retail stores usually see a rise in foot traffic during the summer months. The start of the school summer break leads to an average increase of 3.8% in foot traffic across the UK retail industry.

The most notable increase in retail activity is seen on the high streets, with central London retail businesses witnessing a 6.1% rise. Many consumers take advantage of their summer break to visit retail destinations that are located at a distance.

As the school holidays commence, the retail foot traffic in the UK continues to escalate. After suffering losses during the pandemic, retail organisations have reported a steady “intensification of customer engagement” across all sectors.

The Easter Bank Holiday weekend signals the beginning of a favourable shift in the restaurant industry, as numerous individuals treat themselves to a family dinner at a local eatery, organise a short trip, or head to a rural getaway to maximise their leisure time. This increase in seasonal activities positively impacts the hospitality and catering industries by boosting revenue and pedestrian traffic.

Role of Automatic Doors in Managing Increased Foot Traffic

Automatic doors are essential in handling the rise in foot traffic in various establishments, including retail shops and restaurants. 

Retail psychologists believe that the external appearance of a store greatly affects customer behaviour. Elements such as the entrance, window displays, signage, and pathway outside the structure influence customers’ perceptions and interactions with the business.

Passersby may unintentionally be deterred from approaching because of closed doors because they may think the establishment is closed. On the other hand, constantly opening doors can be problematic from an economic and security perspective.

Automatic doors in Northern Ireland provide a warm and easy way to approach a store, especially for customers with disabilities or pushchairs. They also save room, especially sliding doors, making them an excellent choice for smaller establishments.

Automatic doors can enhance a company’s image in addition to their functional benefits. Automated doors can entice clients to enter and peruse the offerings of the business.

Benefits of Automatic Doors in Northern Ireland or Your Business During Summer

Temperature Regulation

One of the key advantages of automatic doors is their capacity to maintain a pleasant temperature inside the building, even on the warmest days. By integrating automatic doors with air conditioning systems, businesses can establish a cozy and appealing atmosphere that entices customers to linger while shopping. Since these doors only activate when someone is directly in front of them, they substantially decrease the influx of warm air into the building, consequently reducing energy usage and monthly utility expenses.

Energy Efficiency

Automatic doors contribute to energy conservation by limiting the influx of warm air into the building. This, in turn, lightens the load on the air conditioning system and aids in reducing energy costs.

Enhanced Hygiene

Automatic doors reduce the amount of air pollution entering the building by limiting the frequency of door openings. This results in a cleaner and more hygienic environment for both customers and employees.


Automatic doors in Northern Ireland are a cost-efficient solution as they contribute to reducing energy consumption and, consequently, utility expenses. Additionally, they eliminate the need for manual labour to operate the doors.

Air Pollution Reduction

Automatic doors limit the amount of air pollution entering the building by reducing the frequency of door openings. This results in a cleaner and more hygienic environment for both customers and employees.

Mitigating Dry and Warm Air

Automatic doors prevent the entry of dry and warm air into the building during extended periods of dry weather when hot air can rapidly render interior spaces uncomfortable. This ensures a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere inside the business for both employees and customers, even when external temperatures are soaring.

Improving Accessibility with Automatic Doors

Automatic doors in Northern Ireland are instrumental in improving accessibility for all, including those with physical disabilities, mobility issues, or the elderly. Here are some ways in which automatic doors enhance accessibility

  • Facilitating Access for Wheelchair Users: Automatic doors simplify the process for wheelchair users to enter and exit a building without requiring assistance from others. This is fundamental in fostering an inclusive environment where individuals from all walks of life feel valued and welcomed.
  • Convenience for Individuals with Limited Mobility: For those with limited mobility, such as individuals using crutches, walking sticks, or mobility scooters, automatic doors are more convenient. They can enter and exit the premises autonomously and without difficulty, granting them increased independence and self-reliance. This not only boosts their self-confidence but also enhances their overall experience and impression of your establishment.
  • Advantageous for Parents and Caregivers: Parents with young children, as well as individuals pushing strollers or prams, also find automatic doors beneficial. Navigating a stroller or pram through a heavy manual door can be daunting, but automatic doors facilitate easy and uncomplicated access, resolving this issue.

In summary, the improved accessibility afforded by automatic doors is a compelling reason for businesses to invest in them, particularly during the summer when pedestrian traffic is higher.

By cultivating a more accommodating and convenient environment, you can attract a larger customer base and establish a favourable reputation for your business.

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