Automatic doors in Northern Ireland

Automatic Doors and Their Role in Disability Access

At Pressford Shutters, we are dedicated to delivering premium automatic doors in Northern Ireland. We recognise that accessibility goes beyond merely adhering to legal standards; it’s about creating an environment where everyone feels acknowledged and appreciated upon entering a space. Rely on our proficiency to provide solutions that are both practical and inclusive.

Many believe that mobility issues affect only a minor segment of the community. However, the truth is that 1 out of every 20 people grapples with a disability that impacts their movement.

Implications of Not Making Adjustments

In the UK, the introduction of the Equality Act 2010, superseding the 1995 Disability Discrimination Act, obliges employers, commercial entities, local authorities, and educational bodies to proactively remove obstacles encountered by those with disabilities.

This directive not only pertains to policies and operational procedures but also to the tangible infrastructure of buildings that could be problematic, particularly for wheelchair users or those with specific disabilities.

Key areas of focus typically include staircases, walkways, washrooms, and primary building access points. Suggested enhancements encompass the addition of ramps, installation of stair lifts, expansion of doorways, and the integration of automatic doors – an area where our expertise at Pressford Shutters shines.

What exactly are “reasonable adjustments”?

This term suggests that actions should be taken to ensure that people with disabilities aren’t disproportionately disadvantaged compared to those without such challenges. The appropriateness of these adjustments is gauged by several criteria, such as the financial burden on the business, the practicality of the proposed changes, potential disruptions, and the overall impact of the alterations.

For example, if adapting an ancient, narrow structure to be wheelchair-friendly would incur expenses that threaten the business’s viability, such changes might not be considered “reasonable.”

Conversely, a prominent business declining to install a basic access ramp without a justified rationale might be perceived as engaging in unlawful discrimination. The essence is to employ a balanced and logical perspective.

If an individual with a disability encounters difficulties accessing your establishment due to inadequate accommodations, this is deemed as unlawful discrimination under the Equality Act.

Such persons are entitled to demand the requisite alterations from the concerned business or organisation. Should their appeals be rebuffed, they possess the legal right to initiate a discrimination lawsuit in line with the Equality Act’s guidelines.

The Best Door Solution for Disabled Access in NI: Why Choose Automatic?

In the realm of accessibility, while manual sliding doors are a step up from the conventional hinged ones, the zenith of convenience and inclusivity is embodied by automatic doors in Northern Ireland. These doors can be set in motion using a variety of triggers, be it motion detectors, infrared sensors, pressure mats, or strategically positioned push buttons for those in wheelchairs.

Once activated, these automatic doors remain open for an adequate span, ensuring those with mobility constraints can pass through without hindrance. It’s recommended that doors crafted for wheelchair-friendly access span a width of at least 85cm or 33.5″, a tad more expansive than the usual door dimensions, to facilitate effortless entry.

Among the array of door types, sliding automatic doors emerge as the prime choice for individuals with disabilities. They not only provide sufficient clearance for wheelchair movement but also pose fewer safety risks compared to their swing door counterparts.

In addition to their primary function of accessibility, sliding automatic doors in Northern Ireland come with a plethora of perks:

  • Efficient use of space 
  • Augmented security measures
  • A sleek, contemporary look
  • Hands-free operation, enhancing hygiene standards

Nevertheless, we recognise that certain architectural constraints might hinder the fitting of sliding doors in some establishments.

In such instances, while sliding doors demand an extensive installation process, a majority of conventional doors can be effortlessly converted into automated swing doors, operated via a touchpad mechanism.

When considering the integration of an automatic door system specifically designed for disabled access, a multitude of aspects warrant attention.

Our seasoned professionals at Pressford Shutters meticulously assess:

  • The strategic placement of push pads, ensuring they’re within reach for those with disabilities, typically situated around one meter from the floor level. 
  • The seamless integration of entrance mats or pressure pads with the ground, eliminating potential obstructions for wheels or tripping hazards.
  • The duration for which the door remains open post-activation, guaranteeing sufficient time for individuals with disabilities to transition smoothly.
  • The adequacy of the door’s width to accommodate wheelchairs, with broader options like double doors or telescopic door systems being viable alternatives in specific contexts.
  • The installation of safety indicators on clear glass doors to prevent inadvertent collisions.
  • The door’s operational efficiency during emergencies, ensuring it facilitates unhindered evacuation from the premises.

Embrace Enhanced Accessibility with Pressford’s Automatic Doors in Northern Ireland 

Opting for Pressford’s Shutters’ automatic doors in Northern Ireland isn’t just a purchase, it’s a commitment to fostering accessibility, embracing modernity, and ensuring safety for everyone.

We at Pressford’s take immense pride in delivering doors that are not only the epitome of quality but are also at the forefront of innovative design. Each door is meticulously crafted to facilitate effortless entry and exit, providing an inclusive experience for individuals, including those with mobility issues.

But the benefits of Pressford’s doors extend beyond functionality. They are designed to enhance the aesthetic value of your establishment, offering a sleek, modern look that complements various architectural styles while elevating the visual appeal of your space. Furthermore, our doors incorporate advanced security features, providing a warm welcome to guests while effectively deterring unauthorized entry.

Choosing Pressford’s Shutters means more than just obtaining a superior door system. It signifies your establishment’s commitment to progressive thinking, visitor comfort and safety, and adaptability to the demands of contemporary society. This investment is a step towards a future where accessibility is effortless, and individuals, irrespective of their physical capabilities, are received with respect and ease.

Take the lead in setting high standards. Choose Pressford’s Shutters, and let your establishment shine as a symbol of accessibility, security, and elegance in today’s fast-paced and diverse environment.

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