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Discover Suitable Automatic Door Varieties for Your Business

Discover the variety of automatic doors that can be tailored to suit the needs of your business. This guide will help you understand the different models of automatic doors in Northern Ireland, providing you with the knowledge to choose the right type for your company’s entrance.

Exploring Automatic Door Options for Your Business 

Navigating the world of automatic doors in Northern Ireland can be complex, with a myriad of options to suit different business needs. It’s common for businesses to recognise the need for automated entry solutions without knowing the specific type to install. In this section, we will demystify the types of automatic doors available, aiding you in selecting the perfect fit for your commercial space.

Automatic Swing Doors for Streamlined Access

For seamless traffic flow in bustling environments, automatic swing doors offer a straightforward and cost-effective solution. They are a favoured option due to their ability to provide complete access width, maximising the available entry space. This attribute makes automatic swing doors a common sight in various settings:

  • Healthcare centres that require accommodation for beds and wheelchairs.
  • Retail spaces where there’s a need for trolley or bulk goods movement.
  • Athletic complexes that handle a surge of visitors simultaneously.

Besides enhancing accessibility, automatic swing doors can be integrated into your existing framework. They can also be installed as an upgrade to a manual door system, offering a budget-friendly method to boost accessibility and operational efficiency in your existing infrastructure.

Fully Automatic Swing Doors 

Fully automatic swing doors epitomise convenience and hygiene. They operate entirely autonomously, triggered by sensors that detect an approaching individual. This hands-free operation is essential for maintaining cleanliness, as it eliminates the need for physical contact that could lead to bacterial spread. The doors smoothly open on their own, granting passage without any manual effort or button-pushing.

Such automation is ideal for bustling places where swift and effortless entry is necessary:

  • Retail storefronts welcoming a constant flow of shoppers
  • Corporate buildings where professionals and clients come and go
  • Airports, a nexus of travellers from all walks of life
  • Leisure facilities that cater to health and relaxation seekers

Semi-Automatic Swing Doors

Semi-automatic swing doors merge the benefits of automation with the control of manual systems. Activation through a button, key fob, or push bar allows these doors to open only when required, preventing inadvertent operation by passersby. This selective opening contributes to energy savings and heat retention, as the doors do not respond to incidental motion, avoiding unnecessary exposure to external temperatures.

Semi-automatic doors offer a pragmatic solution for:

  • Shops and businesses situated in bustling pedestrian zones, reducing unwarranted activations
  • Educational institutions that encounter high foot traffic yet require controlled entry to secure the premises
  • Any area where regulated access is crucial, maintaining security without compromising on the convenience of automatic operation

In choosing between fully and semi-automatic swing doors, consider the balance between the need for unrestricted, sanitary access and the desire for energy efficiency and controlled entry.

Automatic Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-folding doors, which have become a preferred alternative to traditional French or patio doors in residential settings, are also carving out a niche in commercial and industrial environments.

These doors are particularly suitable for entrances with limited space where traditional sliding doors may not be practical due to their space requirements for door panel displacement. Swing doors are not an ideal alternative either, as they may impede the flow of traffic by swinging outward or inward.

In such scenarios, automatic bi-folding doors are the go-to option. They can be conveniently integrated into existing structures, often without the need for extensive modifications, making them a quick and budget-friendly upgrade for businesses looking to enhance accessibility.

Their design allows for a nearly full-width entryway when opened, as the panels compactly fold onto one another, thereby optimising space usage. This feature makes them an optimal choice for:

  • Corridors or passageways where a door should divide spaces without taking up too much room when opened
  • School entrances, retail outlets, healthcare facilities, and office buildings where space conservation is essential

The deployment of automatic bi-folding doors in Northern Ireland’s diverse commercial landscape offers businesses a smart way to modernise their entryways while accommodating spatial constraints and high foot traffic.

Automatic Revolving Doors

Automatic revolving doors are not only a functional entry solution but also a statement of sophistication, making them a prime choice for establishments that prioritise both aesthetics and utility. Their refined appearance enhances the façade of luxury accommodations, financial institutions, flagship department stores, and impressive corporate headquarters.

These doors are much more than their visual appeal; their design facilitates a constant airlock system, efficiently sealing the interior from the exterior environment. This characteristic ensures comfort for the occupants by maintaining a stable indoor climate and protecting against inclement weather. The inherent energy-saving feature of revolving doors also contributes to reduced heating and cooling costs.

However, revolving doors might not suit every establishment. Their limited opening space might not accommodate the needs of facilities that require broad, unobstructed entrances. Additionally, their operating speed is relatively slower compared to other types of automatic doors, which might not be ideal for buildings experiencing high volume foot traffic.

When considering the installation of automatic revolving doors, particularly in the context of automatic doors in Northern Ireland, it’s essential to balance their elegant contribution to your building’s image with the practical considerations they entail, such as compliance with accessibility standards for individuals with disabilities.

Explore Automatic Entrance Solutions with Pressford Shutters

At Pressford Shutters and Shopfronts, we provide a comprehensive suite of installation and maintenance services for various types of automatic doors in Northern Ireland, tailored to meet the unique entrance requirements of your business. 

Our team is dedicated to guiding you through the selection process to identify the optimal automatic door that aligns with your premises’ needs while ensuring value with our competitive pricing.

Initiating your journey toward an upgraded entrance is just a conversation away. Contact us to begin exploring the possibilities and experience the ease and professionalism that comes with our services.

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