PVC strip curtain in Ireland

Selecting PVC Curtains for Food Prep Areas

At Pressford Shutters and Shopfronts, we recognise that a seamless kitchen operation is a complex melody of various elements, with our PVC strip curtains in Ireland taking centre stage. 

These curtains do more than serve basic functions; they enhance the dining experience with options for noise reduction and aesthetics, ensuring they contribute to the overall mood of your eating space. 

Our commitment lies in providing PVC strip curtains in Ireland that are more than just a purchase; they represent a long-term investment in creating a welcoming, clean environment that not only meets but exceeds expectations in both customer delight and smooth operations.

The Benefits of Opaque PVC Strip Curtains in Commercial Kitchens

Transparent vinyl and plastic strips may be tempting for their visibility, but opaque PVC strip curtains in Ireland are far superior for containing kitchen environments. Clear strips allow staff, customers, and passersby to see back-of-house food prep areas, which detracts from front-of-house ambience. More importantly, transparent curtains fail to contain smells, airborne germs, and flies emanating from the kitchen.

Switching to opaque white, black, or coloured PVC strip curtains better isolates kitchen sights, sounds, and aromas. Solid PVC plastic blocks visible food debris, cooking fumes, and other unappealing aspects that transparent strips reveal. Opaque curtains also don’t showcase cluttered or messy workstations to diners.

Blocking the escape of cooking odours into dining rooms allows for a more appealing customer experience unblemished by lingering food smells. Opaque strips trap and absorb odours and airborne germs rather than allowing them to freely pass through to other areas. This helps prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Flies and other insects are also less likely to infiltrate a kitchen sealed off with opaque PVC curtains compared to clear strips. Opacity disorients flies and blocks their ability to see food targets on the other side. Insects simply bounce off solid strips rather than flying through transparent ones.

For commercial kitchens concerned about aesthetics and sanitation, opaque PVC strip curtains in Ireland are the clear choice. While transparent strips provide visibility, opaque strips better isolate environments and maintain a professional appearance. Investing in quality opaque curtains enhances ambience while meeting health codes.

Ensuring PVC Curtains Withstand Harsh Chemical Cleaners

Commercial kitchens require frequent, thorough cleaning with industrial-strength detergents, degreasers and sanitising agents. Prolonged exposure to these harsh chemicals can degrade and damage certain materials over time. When selecting PVC strip curtains for restaurant and cafeteria kitchens, it’s crucial to choose strips engineered to withstand chemical cleaners without breaking down.

Powerful alkaline and acidic disinfectants are necessary to sanitise busy food prep areas and prevent dangerous bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella. However, chemicals like quaternary ammonium, chlorine, iodine, and hydrogen peroxide will deteriorate low-quality PVC curtain materials, causing brittleness, cracking, discoloration, and erosion.

Seeking out PVC strip curtains in Ireland designed and tested to tolerate repeated cleanings with caustic products is key. Quality manufacturers formulate thicker, commercial-grade PVC that maintains its integrity despite ongoing use of degreasers, sanitisers, alcohol, and bleach. These curtains retain their flexibility and do not become rigid or compromised by chemicals.

Examining the PVC strip’s thickness, plasticiser content, density, and additives can indicate chemical resistance. For frequent sanitising, opt for 90 to 120 gauge PVC able to withstand years of cleanings without degrading.

Invest in quality curtains from Pressford Shutters and Shopfront that allow rigorous sanitising so your kitchen stays compliant with health codes.

Selecting High Heat PVC Strip Curtains

Commercial kitchens contain multiple appliances and equipment that produce substantial ambient heat, not to mention direct cooking methods that generate steam. The high temperatures and humidity can degrade low quality PVC strips, causing warping, shrinking, and fraying issues over time. It’s critical to choose PVC strip curtains designed specifically to withstand hot kitchen conditions.

Look for food service curtains that can tolerate temperatures up to 200°F to avoid issues. Grade S PVC is formulated to resist deformities and loss of flexibility even when exposed to temperatures between 140°F to 220°F on a routine basis. Lower grades of PVC begin to soften and distort at temperatures above 150°F.

Heat-sealed edges are also important for PVC strips used in hot humid environments. The sealed borders prevent the edges of the strips from curling and fraying which compromises cleanliness. Heat sealing bonds and fuses the cut edges of PVC strips to retain a flat, tight edge.

Investing a bit extra in commercial-grade heat resistant PVC curtains designed for high temperature kitchen usage will prevent premature failure and replacement. Quality heat-sealed curtains maintain integrity despite steam, grease, and continually high heat. This results in better value and hygiene in busy cooking environments.

Operating a commercial kitchen in Ireland? 

For operators of commercial kitchens and food-related enterprises throughout Ireland, maintaining stringent sanitation standards and preventing cross-contamination are critical components of successful operation.

The strategic installation of superior PVC strip curtains in Ireland offers an optimal solution, effectively delineating food preparation areas from dining and public spaces, thus enhancing overall hygiene and food safety. At Pressford Shutters, we specialise in delivering PVC curtains that meet the highest food safety standards.

Our durable PVC strips are engineered from high-grade, smooth, nonporous materials, ensuring that they can withstand the rigours of thorough cleaning and sterilisation processes, a necessity in the fast-paced environment of busy kitchens and bustling cafeterias.

Understanding that every food service venue is unique, we customise PVC curtains to perfectly fit the specific dimensions of your space; be it for walk-in coolers, service entryways, or drive-thru windows. 

Our expert team provides not just initial installation but also comprehensive aftercare services to ensure that your PVC strip barriers remain effective and compliant with all health and hygiene regulations.

At Pressford Shutters, we are committed to equipping your Irish food business with PVC strip curtains that provide not just separation but also a significant contribution to your establishment’s cleanliness and customer appeal. We invite you to reach out and schedule a consultation to discuss how our bespoke PVC strip curtain solutions can be tailored to suit the unique requirements of your food premises.

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