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Sliding vs. Swinging: Choosing the Right Automatic Door for Your Company

As a business owner, you want your building’s entrance to make the right first impression on customers and clients. automatic doors in Ireland can provide convenience and accessibility, but with so many options out there, how do you choose the perfect model for your company?

In this article, we will draw from our experience helping businesses find the ideal automatic door systems for their needs. Whether you run a bustling retailer, a restaurant, or a professional office space, there is an automatic door that can meet your business goals and budget. We’ll look at sliding, swinging, revolving, and specialised doors. 

By the end, you’ll understand the range of automatic doors in Ireland available so you can select the perfect fit for your company. A well-chosen system will welcome customers smoothly and set the right tone the moment they step through your entrance. Let’s explore how to pick the ideal automated door for your unique business!

Finding the Right Automated Door for Your Business

Upgrading to automated doors can be a confusing process for many business owners. With so many options on the market, how do you determine what type of automatic doors in Ireland suits your commercial space? 

Whether you own a Dublin retailer, a Galway restaurant or a Cork office building, understanding swing doors, sliding doors, folding doors and revolving door systems will help you select the perfect accessible entry solution. 

We will explore the unique benefits of low energy, high traffic, and specialty automated doors. With the right information, you can confidently choose an automated door that matches your business footprint, customer needs and budget. 

Automatic Doors

Streamlining Entry with Automated Swing Doors

Swing doors present a flexible automated option for high-traffic businesses seeking smooth entry flow. Their pivoting design fully utilises door width, allowing easy passage for beds, wheelchairs, carts, and high visitor volume. This makes swing doors a top choice for:

  • Healthcare facilities needing wide access for patients and equipment.
  • Retail spaces accommodating trolleys and large purchases.
  • Athletic complexes handling surges of visitors at once.

Swing automation can be cost-effectively integrated into existing manual door infrastructure as an accessibility upgrade. The familiar operation also promotes intuitive ease of use.

By maximising usable width, automated swings enable efficient traffic flow for wheeled and high-volume access needs. Their adaptable nature also allows customised solutions, making them a budget-friendly option to optimise entryways in healthcare centres, stores, arenas, and other bustling environments.

The Convenience of Hands-Free Swing Doors

Fully automated swing doors provide maximum accessibility and hygiene through hands-free, no-touch operation. Motion sensors detect approaching individuals and activate the doors to open smoothly on their own.

This autonomous automation eliminates the need for manual contact with handles or buttons, reducing the spread of germs and bacteria. The doors grant effortless, sanitary passage ideal for:

  • Retail stores with constant shopper traffic.
  • Corporate offices where professionals and clients circulate.
  • Bustling airports welcoming travellers.
  • Leisure facilities focused on health and relaxation.

By removing the need to manually operate doors, fully automated swings optimise convenience, sanitation, and accessibility for locations that benefit from swift, hands-free entry. The automation promotes seamless people flow while proactively maintaining cleanliness.

Balancing Convenience and Control with Semi-Auto Swings

Semi-automatic swing doors merge automated access with manual activation via buttons or push bars. This selective operation prevents inadvertent opening while still easing entry.

Doors only open when deliberately activated, conserving energy by avoiding constant operation. Entryways remain sealed when not in use, retaining indoor temperature control.

Semi-auto swings provide a balanced solution for:

  • Shops in busy pedestrian zones where accidental openings can be disruptive.
  • Schools and offices needing efficient access with added security.
  • Locations where controlled entry is important without losing automated convenience.

Semi-auto swings allow intentional access while restricting unnecessary operation. This balances security, energy efficiency and convenience – perfect for pedestrian businesses, institutions, and regulated environments. Facility managers can reap the benefits of automation while still maintaining needed entry oversight.

Automated Access with Bi-Folding Doors

In commercial settings where space is limited, bi-folding doors present an adaptable automated option. Their accordion-style folding panels compactly tuck to the side, opening near the full width of an entryway without requiring significant clearance.

This makes bi-folds ideal for:

  • Narrow hallways and passages that need separation without sacrificing floorspace when opened.
  • Retail shops, schools, offices and healthcare facilities where conserving square footage is essential.

Bi-fold automation can modernise entrances in tight footprints. The doors fold compactly out of the way rather than sliding or swinging. Minimal structural modifications enable convenient integration.

For Irish businesses lacking space for traditional options, automated bi-folds supply customisable access. Tight entries can become wheelchair friendly and handicap accessible. High-traffic volume is accommodated through expanded opened width.

With adaptive folding operation, automated bi-folds bring accessibility and spacious entry to confined commercial settings. Their flexible design conserves precious square footage in retail, education, healthcare and office environments.

Revolving Doors: Sophisticated Automated Access

With sleek aesthetics and practical benefits, automated revolving doors make refined additions to upscale establishments. Their graceful spinning motion contributes an air of prestige to:

  • Luxury hotels and corporate headquarters looking to impress.
  • Banks and financial firms seeking to project sophistication.
  • High-end retail flagships aiming for an elegant facade.

Beyond visual appeal, revolving doors promote energy efficiency. Their constant airlock seal insulates interiors from outside temperatures. This climate control can substantially reduce heating and cooling bills.

However, limited width and slower pace may make revolvers unsuitable for broad accessible entry or high traffic volume. Disabled access requirements may also necessitate an adjacent standard door.

For Irish businesses wanting to combine style and function, automated revolving doors elegantly welcome patrons. Aesthetic enhancements come paired with potential energy savings – ideal for companies and stores seeking to radiate refinement. As long as accessibility considerations are addressed, revolvers can lend establishments just the right touch of class.

Finding the Right Automated Entrance for Your Business

Upgrading to automated doors tailored to your company can be puzzling. At Pressford Shutters and Shopfronts, we make the process smooth from selection to installation.

Our experts take the time to understand your business and building needs. We help identify the perfect door automation to improve customer experience, employee access, or safety.

Whether you need hands-free convenience, climate control, high traffic flow, or a touch of sophistication, we find the ideal fit. Our quality installations and reliable support provide lasting value.

Ready to discover how an automated entrance can benefit your organisation? Contact us today to explore your options for automatic doors in Ireland. Our consultative approach takes the guesswork out of going automated.

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