Automatic doors in Ireland

The Benefits of Automatic doors in the Summer

In the current challenging economic environment, entrepreneurs are constantly seeking strategies to enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their businesses. One way to achieve this is by implementing automatic doors in Ireland, which offer advantages not only during the cold season but also throughout the warmer parts of the year.

As the summer season nears, it is crucial for business proprietors to prepare for the forthcoming surge in activity. A recent survey involving 1,000 adults from the UK revealed that a remarkable 84% intend to have a staycation this summer. This decision is mainly influenced by financial limitations, as 56% of the participants indicated that their financial situation forced them to abandon plans for a trip abroad.

This surge in local tourism is expected to draw more visitors to various cities and towns throughout the UK, leading to a rise in pedestrian traffic for local enterprises such as stores, eateries, and tourist spots. The installation of automatic doors in Ireland enables business proprietors to enhance the customer experience, minimise energy expenditures, and boost overall efficiency.

High Summer Footfall Increase in Retail Stores

The footfall in shops typically increases during the summer season. The commencement of the school summer holidays results in an average footfall increase of 3.8% across the UK retail sector.

The most significant surge in retail activity is observed on the high street, with central London retail businesses experiencing a 6.1% increase. A lot of consumers utilise their summer holidays to visit retail locations that are farther away.

Once the school holiday period starts, the retail footfall in the UK continues to grow. After facing losses during the pandemic, retail organisations have noted a consistent “strengthening of customer activity” across all areas.

The Easter Bank Holiday weekend marks the start of a positive trend in restaurant business, as many individuals indulge in a family meal at a local restaurant, plan a brief vacation, or visit a countryside retreat to make the most of their time off work. This surge in seasonal activity benefits the hospitality and catering sectors by increasing revenue and pedestrian traffic.

Automatic Doors Role in High Footfall

Automatic doors play a crucial role in managing increased foot traffic in various establishments, including retail stores and restaurants. 

Retail psychologists assert that a store’s exterior appearance significantly impacts customer behaviour. Factors such as the entrance, window displays, signage, and pathway outside the building influence customers’ perceptions and interactions with the business.

Closed doors may subconsciously deter passers-by as they might assume the establishment is closed. Conversely, doors that are always open can pose economic and security challenges.

Automatic doors offer a friendly and convenient approach to a store, particularly for customers with disabilities or those pushing strollers. They also save space, especially sliding doors, making them an ideal option for smaller establishments.

Besides their functional benefits, automatic doors can enhance a business’s overall aesthetic. Installing automatic doors can motivate customers to enter and discover what the business has to offer.

How Automatic Doors in Ireland Help Your Business in The Summer

Temperature Control

One of the most significant benefits of automatic doors is their ability to help maintain a comfortable temperature inside the building, even on the hottest days. By installing automatic doors along with air conditioning systems, businesses can create a comfortable and inviting environment that encourages customers to stay longer while shopping. Since these doors only open when someone is directly in front of them, they significantly reduce the amount of warm air entering the building, thereby reducing energy consumption and monthly utility costs.

Energy Saving

Automatic doors help in reducing energy consumption by minimising the amount of warm air entering the building. This, in turn, reduces the load on the air conditioning system and helps in cutting down the energy bills.

Increased Hygiene Levels

Automatic doors help in reducing the amount of air pollution entering the building by minimising the number of times the doors are opened. This helps in providing a cleaner and more sanitary environment for both customers and employees.


Automatic Doors in Ireland are a cost-effective solution as they help in reducing energy consumption and, consequently, the utility bills. Additionally, they also reduce the need for manual labour to open and close the doors.

Reducing Air Pollution

Automatic doors help in minimising the amount of air pollution entering the building by reducing the number of times the doors are opened. This provides a cleaner and more sanitary environment for both customers and employees.

Preventing Dry and Warm Air

Automatic doors prevent dry and warm air from entering the building during prolonged periods of dry weather, when hot air can quickly make interior spaces uncomfortable. This ensures a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere inside the business for both staff and customers, even when the temperatures outside are soaring.

How Automatic Doors Help Improve Accessibility

Automatic doors in Ireland play a crucial role in enhancing accessibility for everyone, including individuals with physical limitations, mobility challenges, or the elderly. Here are some ways in which automatic doors help improve accessibility:

  1. Ease of Access for Wheelchair Users: Automatic doors make it easier for wheelchair users to enter and exit a property without needing assistance from others. This is a key element in creating an inclusive environment where people of all backgrounds feel respected and welcome.
  2. Convenience for People with Restricted Mobility: People with restricted mobility, such as those using crutches, walking sticks, or mobility scooters, find automatic doors more convenient. They can enter and leave the premises independently and without hassle, providing them with greater freedom and autonomy. This not only boosts their confidence but also improves their overall experience and perception of your business.
  3. Beneficial for Parents and Caregivers: Parents with small children, as well as people pushing strollers or prams, also benefit from automatic doors. Manoeuvring a stroller or pram through a heavy manual door can be challenging, but automatic doors make access easy and straightforward, eliminating this problem.

Overall, the enhanced accessibility provided by automatic doors is a primary reason for businesses to invest in them. This is especially true during the summer when more people are out and about. 

By creating a friendlier and more convenient environment, you can increase the number of customers patronising your business and establish a positive reputation.

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