PVC strip curtains in Northern Ireland

The Recipe for Success: Picking the Right PVC Curtains for Food Areas

At Pressford Shutters and Shopfronts, we understand that the symphony of a well-run kitchen is composed of many parts, and our PVC strip curtains in Northern Ireland play a leading role in this ensemble. 

Beyond the utilitarian, we offer noise reduction and decorative options to align with the ambiance of your dining area. Because we know that an investment in superior PVC strip curtains doesn’t just meet the immediate demands, it’s about crafting an enduring, inviting, and hygienic space that pays dividends in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Stay tuned as we unfold more about why, when it comes to selecting PVC strip curtains in Northern Ireland, Pressford Shutters and Shopfronts is the maestro of merging quality with practicality for your commercial kitchen or cafeteria.

The Importance of PVC Strip Thickness for Commercial Kitchens

When selecting PVC strip curtains for restaurant and cafeteria kitchens, the thickness of the PVC material is crucial for durability. Food prep areas experience heavy foot traffic and the passage of supply carts, racks, and equipment moving in and out all day. Thinner PVC strip curtains often get damaged by impacts from passersby and moving objects. This is why a thicker PVC material from 16 to 120 gauge is recommended for food service environments.

16 gauge PVC is around 1/16 inches thick and provides a good minimum level of strength. 20 gauge at .020 inch thickness works for light duty applications with moderate traffic. For busier kitchens, consider 40 up to 90 gauge PVC which measures 1/40 to 1/90 inches thick. 90 gauge is over double the thickness of 40 gauge. 120 gauge PVC at 1/120 inch is extremely durable for intensive commercial use.

Thinner 8 to 10 gauge PVC strips around 1/10 inch are affordable but tear easily if bumped or snagged by kitchen carts, rack corners, pallet jacks, etc. Staff rushing through thicker curtains are also more likely to rip thinner strips. This causes gaps that compromise temperature control. Durable thick PVC is less prone to tearing and holds up better in hot, humid kitchen conditions.

While thicker PVC costs more, it lasts significantly longer in commercial settings. Investing in quality heavy duty food service curtains made of thick 90 or 120 gauge PVC will maintain an impermeable barrier despite heavy impacts. This saves having to frequently replace flimsy entry curtains damaged by traffic. Thick strips also retain their rigidity and ability to self-overlay when parted. Choose PVC thickness fit for your kitchen’s activity level and enjoy lasting performance.

Clean Environment

Keeping PVC strip curtains in Northern Ireland clean is critical in kitchens to prevent the spread of dangerous bacteria. Food prep areas are prone to grease buildup, food debris, and mildew growth, especially in humid environments. Smooth, non-porous PVC strip surfaces allow thorough cleaning of curtains with sanitising agents and power washing equipment.

PVC’s impermeable surface prevents grime from seeping into the material over time. Food particles, oils, and moisture can be removed through scrubbing, wiping, or spraying chemical cleaners directly onto the PVC plastic. Stronger sanitizers and disinfectants can also be used safely on PVC curtains without deteriorating the material.

For deep cleaning, PVC curtains can handle high pressure water of up to 1500 psi from professional power washers. The powerful hot water blast removes caked-on grease and stuck-on food material. Just ensure the PVC strips are firmly secured so the force doesn’t yank them down.

When selecting PVC curtains for kitchens, avoid types with fabric edging or stitching that can absorb liquids and grime. The fabric becomes unsanitary over time, degrades faster than the PVC, and allows mould or bacterial growth. All-PVC curtains are much easier to thoroughly clean and sanitise.

By regularly cleaning PVC strip curtains, facilities can maintain proper hygiene and prevent foodborne illnesses. Choose smooth, non-porous curtains that can be aggressively scrubbed, washed, and sanitised to meet health codes. Clean PVC curtains are essential for safe food preparation and service.

Creating an Impermeable Barrier with Overlapping PVC Strips

In commercial kitchens, maintaining an impermeable barrier with PVC strip curtains is critical to prevent contamination. Gaps between hanging strips allow airborne bacteria, flies, and other insects to enter food prep and storage areas. Tightly overlapped strips form a tight seal that stops undesirable elements from passing through.

Proper installation is key to prevent gaps. PVC strips should overlap the adjacent strips by at least 2 inches. This forms a tight seal so there is no visible space between strips when motionless. The strips can still part easily when walked through. Having multiple layers overlapping minimises gaps as strips shift over time.

Wider PVC strips require less overlap while narrow strips need more overlap for an impermeable barrier. Specifying the correct strip width for the application is important. Wide warehouse doorways may need 18-inch strips while narrow interior doorways can use 6 to 8-inch strips with substantial overlap.

PVC’s flexible properties allow the strips to self-seal when parted and then fall back into place. The weighted bottoms keep the strips aligned vertically. Sturdy top mounting hardware ensures tight alignment across the top area most prone to separation.

Proper overlapping not only keeps flying insects out of kitchens but also better contains refrigerated air. Cooler and freezer entryways benefit from an impermeable strip curtain barrier that prevents cold air loss. This results in energy savings in commercial facilities.

By taking steps to create a tight impermeable seal, facilities can protect food prep areas from airborne contaminants. Monitoring PVC strips and overlaps is an important maintenance task. Properly installed curtains with sufficient overlapping form critical sanitary barriers.

Operating a commercial kitchen or food service business in Northern Ireland? 

Maintaining proper hygiene standards and preventing cross-contamination is critical. The best way to safely separate food prep areas and storefronts is by installing quality PVC strip curtains in Northern Ireland from Pressford Shutters and Shopfronts. 

With over 20 years of experience providing doors, shutters, and partitions across Northern Ireland, we here at Pressford Shutters are the experts when it comes to food-safe PVC curtains. 

Our heavy duty strips are made of non-porous smooth plastic that allows thorough cleaning and sanitising in your busy kitchen or cafe. We offer custom-sized PVC curtains purpose-built for your food premises openings, from walk-in freezers to back-of-house entries. 

Our experienced team provides professional installation and ongoing service, ensuring your PVC strip curtains form reliable, impermeable barriers that protect your customers while meeting all hygiene regulations. Contact Pressford Shutters today to schedule a consultation about our PVC strip curtains in Northern Ireland.

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